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Don’t stay in bed if you are not sleepy. Leave the bedroom if you are in bed awake longer than you would like to be. Find a quiet place to relax outside of the bedroom and return to bed only once you feel sleepy.

  1. Do not spend too much time in bed awake. Limiting your time in bed may improve the quality of sleep. For example, if you are sleeping 7 hours, you should only be in bed 7.5 hours, not 9-10 hours.

  2. A regular warm bath may be beneficial 2-3 hours before bedtime.

  3. Wearing socks to bed may be beneficial if you have cold feet.

  4. Avoid difficult discussions or arguing in the evening.

  5. If you worry a lot while in bed, schedule about 15 minutes each morning as your “worry time” specifically for intentional concentrating on the things you think about at night; this may make nocturnal worrying less.

  6. Try relaxation therapies with deep breathing and meditation as these help some to fall and stay asleep.

  7. Identify your most comfortable position and sleep environment by investigating how you lie most comfortably in bed (e.g., try different positions and pillows).

  8. Avoid long naps; if you must nap, limit to 30 minutes in the early afternoon.

  9. It’s possible that you are getting more sleep than you think, but it is still worth consulting with your health care provider if your life is being negatively impacted by lack of sleep.

  10. Keep smart phones, TVs, electronics, out of the bedroom. Limit use of the bedroom for sleep (that is, do not watch TV, read, use or play games on your smart phone or tablets, or read emails in the bedroom, etc.).

  11. Keep the bedroom quiet and dark at night. If you have to get up in the night, use a soft amber-colored night light rather than turning on overhead lights. Replace cool white or blue-colored night lights with red or orange-colored night lights

  12. Maintain a bedroom temperature that is comfortable to you to promote falling and staying asleep.

  13. Keep pets that disturb sleep out of the bedroom.

  14. Restrict fluids and food three hours before going to bed.

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