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A Balcony Bra and a Balconette Bra is essentially one and the same thing. This name arises because of the reason that this type of bra performs the function of a balcony for the breasts. This is done through means of a support from the bottom of the breasts thereby creating a balcony of sorts.

  1. The breasts appear larger and fuller whenever this bra is worn because it creates and upward push on the breasts. Women love wearing this with dresses that have a plunging neckline as it brings out the perfect cleavage in those situations. It's perfect for those occasions when you want attention on yourself from the opposite sex. However, remember not to overdo it.

  2. However, a lot of women I know are confused between a balcony bra and a half cup bra. Just to make things clear, the main difference is in the cut of the bra. While the cuts of a half cup bra are more pronounced, that of a balcony bra are more subtle and do not extend over the full length of the breasts.

  3. The biggest advantage while wearing a balconette bra is that the cups don't show in the cleavage area. There is no chance of the bra straps showing and a lot more width is added to the chest making your breasts look fuller. And this means an end to all those embarrassing situations when the straps showed through your top.

  4. There are other specialty bras out there also but they have two major problems associated with them. Firstly they are all very expensive and the second is that they can be worn only on certain occasions. The Balcony Bra on the other hand suffers from none of this. It is fairly cheap and can be used like a normal bra.

  5. The best place to buy such bras is online because you get the best deals from retailers like Amazon. I always buy my bras online and have been satisfied with all my purchases till now. The same recommendation goes to you.

  6. So go ahead, empty your lingerie drawer and get some nice balcony bras into them. And telling by experience, it's going to be the best thing you'll ever have done. Remember that your breasts are one of your most important assets and should not be neglected at all. Choosing the right bra can go a long way to caring and protecting your breasts.

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