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A good preparation is often half the work. That means you should not only watch what you’re eating, but also do sports and take care of your body. Here, you can find our checklist for a perfect preparation for the shoot.

  1. It’s recommended to eat the least amount of salt two days before the shoot, as it retains the water in your body. Not a very easy task, but for example when you are eating sushi, try not to add soy sauce.

  2. Follow a hot yoga class! By sweating a lot, you will feel a bit tighter in your skin the next day.

  3. Eat breakfast. You will burn it off during the day, anyway.

  4. Try to eat lightly at night during the preceding days. Think about a healthy salad, vegetables with fish and juices and smoothies.

  5. Drink a lot of green tea. This increases the burning of fat in the body and has a draining effect.

  6. Cardio workouts, pilates and yoga are good workouts to create slim muscles. This will make your body look tight and fit.

  7. Do you have a sweet tooth and love desserts? Try to drink an espresso after your meal. This will make you full and has a positive effect on your fat burning.

  8. And last but not least: make sure you look look! Think about: washed hair, total body wax, manicured nails and a sparkling personality.

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